Tricycle undercarriage plus the ball bearing pneumatic wheels allow these cleaners to be moved easily even over rough terrain and gravel. Ranging in volume from 2.1 to 5 GPM and pressure from 1000 to 3000 PSI, Alkota provides a washer for everyone's cleaning requirements. Constructed for heavy use, these cleaners are designed with 14 gauge chambers for strength and durability. The units are constructed with condensation drains and stainless steel water tanks to retard and prevent corrosion. Add oil bath pumps with ceramic plungers, precise metered chemical, cold water wrap spiral design, removable coils, and safety relief protection from excessive pressure and you have equipment that will solve your cleaning problems for years. Whatever your needs, Alkota has a cleaner for you. With these units clean single trucks or fleets, industrial complexes, aircraft, farrowing houses or large construction equipment.